Sunday, 10 September 2017

Annoying siblings

Have you got annoying siblings? Maybe they push you over or, play with things that you don't want them to play with. They always start arguments and then they blame it on you and you get told off. 

When mum said time to get in the car. “I am in the front.”
“No, I am. Because, you were in the front last time”.
 “How about, one of you on the way there. And one of you on the way back.” 
“I am in the front on the way there, ok?” 
“Mum, can I push the trolley mum?”  
“Can I? She pushed the trolley last time.” How about you push it half of the way and then you can push the rest or next time one of you push next time. Ok I will push this week and you can next week. 

Mum I need a new book for school ok I will get it for you next week. Mum can I get something because she is getting something. I need a new book to read no you want one not need one. 

And also, they don't pack up their things. Like clothes or shoes, or their toys. It is really annoying if you share a room, and all of your siblings clothes are all on the ground. When, you have visitors over. It is really embarrassing, when you room is very messy. Then, mum says... “Go clean your room NOW!” 

When mum says you can watch TV. Your sibling says… “Can I have the remote?” 
“I don't like this channel.” 
“What channels do you like?” 
“I like 101, 100. But, not that dumb tv show.” 
“Hey that's my seat.” 
“No, it's mine. Why don't you sit over there?” 

Car trips, oh that is the worst. 
“Mum, can you turn up the radio please? I can't hear it and it is my favourite song.” 
“No, turn it down. I am trying to read.”
“Mum how long to go?” 
“One hour left.” 
“Can you stop singing, in my ear.” 
 “Fine, then.” 

I wish siblings wouldn't be as annoying as they are. If you think that you are annoying to your siblings, then, I would take this  advice and not be annoying and don’t start the fight.

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