Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Wainui camp

When I was doing the high ropes in Wainui , I felt proud of myself.  I nearly made it to the top of the Giant ladder, but I didn't because I am scared of heights . I tried my hardest but not many people got to the top. I wonder why that many people didn't get to the top? When I was near the top I was shaking, nerves coming up my spine.

But that was not the only feeling I had on camp. There was another one which was I felt scared because when we were trying to get to sleep there were people ding dong ditching us and telling scary stories. My evidence was that Millie and I were shaking with nerves. 

Also I was feeling happy when I got invited to join in a game because they thought that I was all by myself. I was waiting for my friends to come to the hall, but that was very kind.

Overall I think that camp was terrific because it was fun and the people there were friendly and nice. Also the cabins were great and the beds were too. 

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