Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Watching tv at midnight

Watching tv at midnight 

At 12:00 clock at night Tiffany and I are wide awake in bed. Knowing that her parents were asleep,  we crept downstairs to watch some TV. Next minute we hear a creepy sound coming from outside. I wonder what that sound is. “Should we have a look outside?” Tiffany  whispered. I can't see outside. My stomach is twirling because I am so scared that her parents are going to find out. All I can hear is the popcorn popping. “Tiffany, stop laughing.” 
“I am not laughing Lily!“ Tiffany shouted.  
Then who is? Next minute my friend is holding my hand because she is scared. I am hesitant that her parents are going to hear us chatting and then come down stairs to tell us off. 

I learned to use my punctuation in the right place. I think I did really well because I think that my writing has improved by putting some punctuation and my bright sparks words. I think my next step is to use my bright spark words in my writing more and my punctuation. 

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