Monday, 27 March 2017

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen?

A responsible citizen has many important qualities and makes positive contributions to the community. One of these qualities is being caring. A responsible citizen takes care of animals, people and of the environment. For an example they pick up rubbish when they see it on the ground, they treat animals with respect. They include people in games and help when they need it. They look after the things they borrow, return the property in the same condition, and put them away in the right place. A person I know who does this is Beth. I have  seen  her pick up rubbish on many different occasions and put it in the bin. She always stops to talk to people on her way to do something and ask if they are ok. If they  aren't she would sort out the problem. I also love watching Beth do gymnastics with her friend she always makes sure they are allowed to do this and it is safe.

Another quality is being a role model. It is good to have role models because it gives you someone to look up to. Being a good role models means being reliable, being honest, following the rules, being there on time. If we didn't have role models the younger children need to have someone who will show them what to do. If they didn't have a role model they would just do all the naughty things. It wouldn't be their fault though. It would be because of the big children. A person that I have noticed being responsible is Elise walking her scooter where you are not allowed to ride your scooter.

Another quality is being trustworthy. It is good to be a trustworthy person because when you have duties you will turn up on time, being trustworthy you can keep secrets when necessary. A good thing about being trustworthy is that you can work around the school without the teacher. If the person wasn’t trustworthy then they wouldn’t turn up to their duties on time and that would stop asking them to things for them. A person that I now is Neve - she always turns up on time to her duties on time and at the right duties.

Overall it is important to  have responsible citizen in the community and in the world so they can help the people that don't show rust or being a role model and a responsible citizen and care and there would not have any hurting or killing.

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