Thursday, 16 March 2017

character detription

 As he turns around I see scars scattered on his face, a rainbow mohawk and yellow teeth. His rainbow t shirt matches his Mohawk. He scares me as I walk down the path. His eyebrows furrow and his eyes are light blue.

A brown pistol is tucked under his arm. He is going to shoot us, be careful! Run away or call a policeman. Look out! Duck down! Hey kid, he is going to hurt you. Don't you go further.
As he walks down the path people stop and stare at him like he is evil, like a spy. They walk their dogs away from him down the street, even the dogs tuck their tails between their legs while they are walking back.

Bob has been talking about how he has been in jail. He got out by jumping over the fence and had been saying “yay I was just in jail”. In the end he got caught, without noticing and was put back in jail for ten whole years. “Noooooooooooo!” He had jumped out and was hurting people.

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