Thursday, 3 November 2016

Hide go seek

 Prickles scratch me 
as I scramble through the bushes 
against the fence 
Should we hide somewhere else without prickles? 
Don't move

Footsteps come closer and closer 
louder and louder
as someone comes closer.
Is the teacher coming?
Duck down.

Stop whispering 
or will you like to get found?
Don't mutter 

I hope you don't get us found 
because it sounds like we are talking.
People trudge back to the start, sulking.
You know the game is not over yet. 
They must have got found.
Don't move.

Mrs Pageot scans the bushes like a fox.
Will she find us or not?
Stay down.

Oh no Ruby 
Don't go look 
or she will find us 
No Ruby! 
She saw you 
You got us found.

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