Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Prejudice | My speech


This term we had to do a speech about how we can make the world a  better place. So I did my speech on prejudice. I learned how to structure a speech. I can use one part of my speech structure.  Many idea connects to the point of view. 

I think I  used lots of language like vivid verbs. I think in the end I did a good speech because I used some examples in it . One of the examples is’Imagine this you were sitting in class everyone was talking about their weekend and when you wanted to have your say everyone started talking over you.

Please click  here to listen  Or   Look down below if you want to read.                                                                       

 have you ever felt left out or alone?  Maybe At morning tea you were playing hide and seek and you were counting and not looking and your friends just ran away without you, or perhaps you were just left all by yourself with nobody to play with.Or  Pictures  this. Perhaps you are sitting in class and everyone was talking about their weekend and when you want to have your say everyone starts talking over you. Maybe You don't ever  feel like this. Well you are lucky because some people feel like this every day because of prejudice. Prejudice is judging people by where they come from or what they look like and New Zealand has a hidden problem. Many people  experience prejudice here.  

Imagine this. You are at the airport and people go up and say to someone “you can't be here because you are from a different place”. Some people just have people come up to them and say “get back on that plane now” and “go back because you don't belong here”.  This isn't fair at all because they actually can be here. And it's none of their business. How would you feel if you were told you couldn't be in a country, just because you're born somewhere else? I would feel left out and excluded.

One day we had a teacher come into our class and we asked  her some questions. She told us a story about when she came to New Zealand from Iran. One day she was sitting outside  at lunch time and someone came up and said   “Oh, do you have a bomb in your lunchbox?” Also, when she walked up to a cafe the cafe ladies said “What country do you come from?” she said “Iran”, they bowed their heads down, like they don't care. What I have just told you is true. We need to stop doing this New Zealand.

Some people also get judged by their Gender. People say boys can't do ballet because you are a boy but boys can do ballet because I have had a boy in my ballet class before and he was great at it! It happens the other way to people say boys can't do rugby because you are a girl and you are not strong enough to play. If you had overheard either of these examples, what would you have done? Would you just ignore them or would you include them by saying hi or ask them if they would want to play? It is wrong to judge people just by where they are from, what colour their skin is or whether they are a boy or a girl.We should not make people feel bad just because They are different to us. We need to be kind to everyone and not judge people as much as we do now. In the future people will stay in New Zealand so please New Zealand, we can stop being mean to people.  Please stop the prejudice. Enough people feel unwelcome in the world.  Please remember to be kind to  each other and treat people how you would want to be treated.

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