Thursday, 7 July 2016


she walks outside she hears chatting and whispering. She hugs her lunchbox with sweaty hands as she sits on the cold, damp concrete all alone. The children all lean away and point at her as she sits down. She wants to go home. This is harder than she thought it would be.

New Zealand has a hidden problem. Many immigrants don't feel that welcome here. The hidden problem is one in ten people experienced some form of discrimination in the last year. People have been saying  mean things about their culture.
Prejudice is when you judge someone when you don't know them. This happens before you actually know anything about the person and you say it when you don't know if it is mean or not. An example of this that we learnt from an Iran woman was when she first started school, a boy said to her “Oh, do you have a bomb in your lunchbox?”  He said it to her because she was different to them because she is from Iran. This made her 
feel really sad and she didn't feel that welcome in New Zealand.

When she walked up to a cafe the cafe ladies said “What country do you come from?” she said “Iran”, they bowed their heads down, like they don't care. They didn't listen and she just walked away because they just didn't care so much. It made her feel embarrassed and not welcome at all.

There are many things you  can do to make immigrants feel  more welcome. When you see someone who looks lonely you can go up and say hello and smile at them. You should be nice to them and take some time to talk to them. The effect will make them feel included, happier and more safe in New Zealand.

Include them by inviting them to play and to parties because that will make their day and they will be really included and welcome. Also ask them if they would like to join a club or join them at lunch and morning tea. The effect on them will be that they feel included. It is a thoughtful thing to make them a cup of tea and a biscuit  also it will be nice and kind they would feel happy in New Zealand.

There are many immigrants that feel unwelcome  or alienated. These are the things that are make them feel unwelcome. Whispering , being mean, also ignoring them and that is not nice to see or hear if you just came here. So just stop doing it.

We can do lots of thing to make immigrants welcome. We have to treat immigrants  like you would  treat everyone else and be kind to them. Make a conversation with them and that will make them feel more comfortable and welcome. It is important to stop being prejudice is because we want new people here so we all have new friends to welcome here in New Zealand. So you could include them to your game. The effect on them would make immigrants happy also they will stay. I would want to stay in New Zealand if people were welcoming. In the future people will stay in New Zealand so please New Zealand, we can stop being mean to people.  Please stop the prejudice.

By Lily 

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