Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Where does my heart lie?

 Where does my heart lie?

Where the harakeke dances in the cold breeze,
A cloud shadowing over it.

Where the Kererū replies to his mother’s call, 
The tree shading its head.

Where the weka talks in the wind, 
The trees blowing their features away.

I feel happy at this place.


I am learning to to use personification in my poem. I am going well because l have got many ideas, for example “Where the weka talks in the wind 
The trees blowing their features away”. My next step is to connect my ideas.

By Lily


  1. Wow Lily!
    That is on fantastic poem I just love it.
    I totally feel like I am in that place I can feel it.
    I like the bit when you say “ where the kererū replies
    to its mother's call I can connect to that because I usually
    reply to my mother to.
    Well done Lily that was a great post.

  2. Great job lily. you are great at using personification. I really enjoyed the bit when you said were the harakeke dancers in the cold breeze .I really enjoyed your poem

  3. Great gob love it please post more work on your blog

  4. cool poem Lily! I'm impressed..

  5. Love your peace of writing because I know that you put so much effort in it.

  6. Cool poem lily. I like how you used lots of punctuation and how it makes me feel carm.
    Good work lily🙂

  7. wow lily that is a great peace of work that you did i like how you said the trees blowing there features away.You must have put a lot of effort in to writing that poem.Nice job :) From Amy