Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rocket writing

One time I was going swimming in a lake. My siblings and I went swimming where my mum could not see us. Then it was to deep and we couldn't swimming any further. We were struggling to float and we tried to swimming to the edge. It was only a meter away from us. I said we can do it, so we tried. We made it, but we got told off big time. We weren't able to have technology for two weeks - noooooo!!!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Annoying siblings

Have you got annoying siblings? Maybe they push you over or, play with things that you don't want them to play with. They always start arguments and then they blame it on you and you get told off. 

When mum said time to get in the car. “I am in the front.”
“No, I am. Because, you were in the front last time”.
 “How about, one of you on the way there. And one of you on the way back.” 
“I am in the front on the way there, ok?” 
“Mum, can I push the trolley mum?”  
“Can I? She pushed the trolley last time.” How about you push it half of the way and then you can push the rest or next time one of you push next time. Ok I will push this week and you can next week. 

Mum I need a new book for school ok I will get it for you next week. Mum can I get something because she is getting something. I need a new book to read no you want one not need one. 

And also, they don't pack up their things. Like clothes or shoes, or their toys. It is really annoying if you share a room, and all of your siblings clothes are all on the ground. When, you have visitors over. It is really embarrassing, when you room is very messy. Then, mum says... “Go clean your room NOW!” 

When mum says you can watch TV. Your sibling says… “Can I have the remote?” 
“I don't like this channel.” 
“What channels do you like?” 
“I like 101, 100. But, not that dumb tv show.” 
“Hey that's my seat.” 
“No, it's mine. Why don't you sit over there?” 

Car trips, oh that is the worst. 
“Mum, can you turn up the radio please? I can't hear it and it is my favourite song.” 
“No, turn it down. I am trying to read.”
“Mum how long to go?” 
“One hour left.” 
“Can you stop singing, in my ear.” 
 “Fine, then.” 

I wish siblings wouldn't be as annoying as they are. If you think that you are annoying to your siblings, then, I would take this  advice and not be annoying and don’t start the fight.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal 7

This week we did our second rotation Tyler and I were making vortex wings. We made 5 vortex wings. The first one was a tutorial the second one I didn't need a tutorial because I knew it straight away. I wondered what would happen if we glued two pieces of paper together? Would it be thicker? Another wondering I had was if we added a cardboard toilet roll. I was also wondering if we should try do it with a bigger piece of paper to see what the difference is between a bigger one than a smaller one. I think the force that it used were thrust and weight. My inference is relational because I ask lots of question and wonderings. For my data gathering I think I am still relational because I look closely at what different force that the vortex wings uses, and I am looking at the different angles and the different heights.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


In week 5 we leant all about flight. I had always wondered what would happen if we didn't have drag and if gliding is the same as flying. I learnt that squirrel can fly and That birds can glide and fly. My data gathering is relational because I know more and I know more about flight because I searched up things that I didn't know before. My inferences are multistructural Because I can come up with three or more inferencing.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Wainui camp

When I was doing the high ropes in Wainui , I felt proud of myself.  I nearly made it to the top of the Giant ladder, but I didn't because I am scared of heights . I tried my hardest but not many people got to the top. I wonder why that many people didn't get to the top? When I was near the top I was shaking, nerves coming up my spine.

But that was not the only feeling I had on camp. There was another one which was I felt scared because when we were trying to get to sleep there were people ding dong ditching us and telling scary stories. My evidence was that Millie and I were shaking with nerves. 

Also I was feeling happy when I got invited to join in a game because they thought that I was all by myself. I was waiting for my friends to come to the hall, but that was very kind.

Overall I think that camp was terrific because it was fun and the people there were friendly and nice. Also the cabins were great and the beds were too. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Watching tv at midnight

Watching tv at midnight 

At 12:00 clock at night Tiffany and I are wide awake in bed. Knowing that her parents were asleep,  we crept downstairs to watch some TV. Next minute we hear a creepy sound coming from outside. I wonder what that sound is. “Should we have a look outside?” Tiffany  whispered. I can't see outside. My stomach is twirling because I am so scared that her parents are going to find out. All I can hear is the popcorn popping. “Tiffany, stop laughing.” 
“I am not laughing Lily!“ Tiffany shouted.  
Then who is? Next minute my friend is holding my hand because she is scared. I am hesitant that her parents are going to hear us chatting and then come down stairs to tell us off. 

I learned to use my punctuation in the right place. I think I did really well because I think that my writing has improved by putting some punctuation and my bright sparks words. I think my next step is to use my bright spark words in my writing more and my punctuation. 

Monday, 29 May 2017


Week 4 : trebuchet 
In the trebuchet experiment, I was observing how many weights and how far the projectile went. I noticed that when we put more weights it went higher and further.  I think it went further because when we add more weight it was heavier so it went higher. I wonder if when we added a heavier ball than we add would it go the same length. I think my gathering data is I am still at multistructural because I am not that sure if they are good. For my inference I think I am unistructural because I only know one thing about it.

Sunday, 21 May 2017


Week 3: balloons rocket experiment  with drag
In the rocket experience I was observing what distance of the fish wire first. Then we measure how far the balloon went. Our result for the first trial was 1 meter our second trial was 3 cm , trial 3 was  3 cm , trial 4 was 20 cm, trial 5  was 1 meter.  When we add the paper on the front it didn't move at all. I wonder why it didn't move, maybe it is because the wind would be blowing on the paper. Maybe it didn't have enough force to push it down the line. The second trial we put it on the side it went forward because it did have enough force to move it and it didn't have as much drag .

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
After today experience I placed myself at multistructural for gathering data I put myself as multistructural because I have done it before. But I am not confident about gathering data.

When we made the slime to tip on Mr Anderson I put myself down as unistructural because I did not get into it until the teacher said come over and join in.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
In the rocket experience I was observing  what it looks like and the distance of it. But I was struggling to get the measurements right because it was too high for me to measure it. I would say that my observations would be multi structural. I was wondering why the ballon was not going as far as it went last time.  I put myself as prestructural because I didn't know how to write an inference.

Monday, 10 April 2017


This term we were learning about responsible citizens. At the start of the term I put myself down as unistructural because sometimes I would pick up rubbish and return the items that I found.

Now I am extended abstract because I put my hand up for wet day monitor and whenever I see rubbish I will pick it up and put it in the bin I also do road patrol and Librarian and I put my hand up for being the reading buddy for room 20. I am a responsible citizen because I put my hand up for things.

My project shows that it will help the community because if we get a canteen ,it will help the community if we don't litter around the school and people will be more happy and welcome to our school. It will help the community because if the rubbish gets stuck in the river and floats out to sea the animals will get caught up in the rubbish and die and that won’t be good.

My challenge was that everyone wanted to join in and so  everyone was complaining about what group the were put in and so I got to choose two people to help me which I choose Jye and Tyler to help me. Overall my learning was good and I feel really proud  of what I have done this year.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen?

A responsible citizen has many important qualities and makes positive contributions to the community. One of these qualities is being caring. A responsible citizen takes care of animals, people and of the environment. For an example they pick up rubbish when they see it on the ground, they treat animals with respect. They include people in games and help when they need it. They look after the things they borrow, return the property in the same condition, and put them away in the right place. A person I know who does this is Beth. I have  seen  her pick up rubbish on many different occasions and put it in the bin. She always stops to talk to people on her way to do something and ask if they are ok. If they  aren't she would sort out the problem. I also love watching Beth do gymnastics with her friend she always makes sure they are allowed to do this and it is safe.

Another quality is being a role model. It is good to have role models because it gives you someone to look up to. Being a good role models means being reliable, being honest, following the rules, being there on time. If we didn't have role models the younger children need to have someone who will show them what to do. If they didn't have a role model they would just do all the naughty things. It wouldn't be their fault though. It would be because of the big children. A person that I have noticed being responsible is Elise walking her scooter where you are not allowed to ride your scooter.

Another quality is being trustworthy. It is good to be a trustworthy person because when you have duties you will turn up on time, being trustworthy you can keep secrets when necessary. A good thing about being trustworthy is that you can work around the school without the teacher. If the person wasn’t trustworthy then they wouldn’t turn up to their duties on time and that would stop asking them to things for them. A person that I now is Neve - she always turns up on time to her duties on time and at the right duties.

Overall it is important to  have responsible citizen in the community and in the world so they can help the people that don't show rust or being a role model and a responsible citizen and care and there would not have any hurting or killing.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Going hard out

 On cold, foggy, winter Saturday mornings,  I love to play hockey. I know that I am going to get muddy, but I love it. I put my  uniform on  and warm up with a hot milo. I  need to introduce myself because I am new to the team. I run, dribble, pass, save, score and wherever the ball goes, I go. Even if I don't get the ball I still  love it .


Rocks stab.
Sand flicks.
I can't wait to get in the Water.

I built.
We race.
I can wait for a ice cream